Port-au-Prince, August 08, 2023

Son Excellence, Monsieur Dmitry Polyanskiy,
Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Security Council

Mr. Ambassador,

We, Organizations and Personalities signatories of this letter, want first of all to congratulate you and thank you for having thought
of consulting the Haitian actors on the ground in order to collect their opinions with regard to the question of sending a armed
occupying force which, as announced, would have the mission, among other things, to fight armed gangs and restore a climate of
security in Haiti. We fully appreciate this remarkable approach aimed at a better understanding of the reality on the ground, thus
avoiding being influenced by this giant machine of political propaganda.

We also take this opportunity to thank you for your unwavering commitment and your invested interest in helping to resolve the
current crisis that has persisted for too long in Haiti. We are very grateful for the historic relations that once existed between our
nations, especially when Alexander I of Russia made your country the first to recognize the independence of Haiti at the risk of its
prestige and dignity with such a risky decision supporting the first free black country.

The Haitian people are even more grateful for your country’s consistent and correct position against military intervention in Haiti at the various meetings of the United Nations Security Council. Your position shared by other countries like China reflects the desire of Haitians who reject the old band-aid policy of military intervention in Haiti that has brought no real, meaningful and lasting change or stability to Haiti. We urge you and your country to continue to vote against any immediate deployment of military armed forces in Haiti to occupy a country already marginalized, exploited, buried in total chaos, despair and misery. In this sense, it seems appropriate to note the following points:

The armed gangs, tools for legitimizing foreign occupation
To prepare national and international public opinion to accept the unacceptable, armed gangs are actively and daily mobilized in
order to help create the current chaos which should serve as justification alongside a certain national and international press won
over to them. cause and responsible for making the big propaganda machine work wonderfully, intended to ensure the manufacture
of consent and to legitimize this American-UN drift.

Me Ariel Henry has neither title, nor quality, nor legitimacy, nor legal provision authorizing him to engage our country in this dangerous adventure.
We would like to inform you that the illegal request for military intervention that serves as a pretext for the UN Secretary General,
Mr. António Guterres and the Biden administration was made by a de facto and decried Haitian government; this government is
ready to do anything to ensure its continued power and thus continue to oppress the Haitian people for the benefit of its international
supporters. Such solicitation is likely to further penalize the Haitian people and hinder the enjoyment of their legitimate right to
self-determination recognized by the very Charter of the United Nations. Mr. Ariel Henry is illegal, illegitimate and widely unpopular. His reputation is tainted by repeated rumors of his association with gangs. The overlapping crises have sparked continued angry protests against the unpopular government. The people have called through multiple demonstrations and protests for the departure of Me. Ariel Henry who is usurping the post of Prime Minister. People are demanding an end to a regime that has engaged in rampant corruption, collaborated with gangs and was implicated in the assassination of the former president according to a New York Times report published on September 14, 2021. The insecurity Haiti is its political instrument to consolidate its power.

There has been no sense of urgency and no explicit government intention to eradicate or control gangs in the country. The situation only got worse during the last two years of Ariel Henry’s de facto government. Indifferent and disconcerted by the situation in the country since its usurpation of power, following the murder of Jovenel Moïse, the gangs have gained power, impunity reigns and the situation continues to deteriorate.

Thousands of people have been driven out and persecuted by the gangs accompanied by their children, leaving their homes to take refuge in the streets. The government did not provide any social assistance to these victims. Canada and the United States have sanctioned numerous individuals, gang leaders and business leaders who have supported and financed gangs and their activities. Mr. Ariel Henry has taken no steps to bring these people to justice or hold them accountable. Me. Ariel’s call for international military intervention in Haiti is another attempt to retain power by using the international community as his pond at the expense of the Haitian people. The international force with immunity under his command will only replace the gangs that have become too cumbersome for his regime.

The non-compliance by the United States of America with Resolution 2653(2022) adopted since October 2022 by the Council of Security relating to arms trafficking to Haiti.

A survey of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime(UNODC) certifies that the weapons and ammunition used by gangs for terrorist purposes against the population come mainly from the United States of America. It is enough to obtain the immediate cessation of the supply of weapons and ammunition to the gangs who sow terror with impunity and peace of mind to quickly block their criminal actions. If the US government finally agrees to effectively apply the necessary control measures at its ports and airports, and in particular the Resolution 2653 (2022) adopted by the Security Counci lon October 21, 2022 prohibiting the trafficking of arms from UN member states to Haiti, the gangs will be inoperative. Once their main sources of arms and ammunition have been cut off and their funders paralyzed, the gangs will certainly be unable to continue to sow terror, block roads, kidnap and massacre the population, maintain and reinforce insecurity. 

“The top priority for resolving the crisis in Haiti is to stabilize the security situation. The massive influx of weapons and ammunition
into Haiti from abroad is a significant factor fueling endemic gang violence. If he is not arrested, no amount of support for the
Haitian police will make a difference. At China’s repeated request and insistence, the resolution just adopted urges all countries to
immediately stop supplying arms and ammunition to Haitian gangs and their supporters and to take all measures to to curb arms
trafficking and smuggling” (Geng Shuang – Chinese:Geng Shuang; pinyin : Gěng Shuǎng; Deputy Permanent Representative of
China to the United Nations).

The complicity of the government of Ariel and the National Police of Haiti.
One of the greatest challenges of insecurity, kidnappings and crimes that the country faces is the complicity of the authorities and
the current government. According to public information, the gangs in connivance with the government, are at their service and
operate at their command of the current government , as well as the Core Group led by the USA.It has been reported that”since January 15, 2023, Vitelhomme INNOCENT (One of the most powerful gang leaders) – presented by more than once as the protected of Frantz ELBE (the Director General of the Police) and certain other high-ranking officers of the PNH – circulates in a procession composed, among other things, of two (2) vehicles bearing respectively State Service and Official license plates, and a vehicle of the police institution brand Toyota
Pick-up double cabin registered 1-01191 clearly identified as belonging to the PNH. »

We have to admit that by seeking by all means to impose foreign occupation, the UN and the USA have no desire to help the Haitian
people to eliminate armed gangs in order to restore security, but preferably seek to find another way to better crush the people,
submit them to their dictates and keep clear the path for the exploitation of the country’s wealth in complete peace of mind and

Rejection of foreign interference and respect for its right to self-determination

The unjustly requested military intervention to which the Secretary General and the United States cling can in no way guarantee
peace and security or combat armed gangs on mission. Haiti has already had various painful experiences of military intervention that
have only worsened its situation. Tens of thousands of Haitian families still retain the bitter taste of the heavy toll left by the various
UN occupation missions, particularly the one called MINUSTAH, which introduced the deadly scourge of cholera in 2010.
Moreover, this armed intervention is part of an imperialist project to consolidate the power of the government rejected by the people.
It consists, in particular, of a strategic and Machiavellian plan to strengthen the supervision imposed by the imperialist powers in
order to achieve systematic political control of Haiti.

Solutions – The cry of the Haitian people

Departure of de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry
Any international effort to restore order in Haiti must be accompanied by a change of administration and not support the current
illegitimate government of Ariel Henry. Therefore, the suffering but struggling Haitian people demand the unconditional departure
of this corrupt, criminal, discredited government and a sovereign Haiti, free from the interference of the imperialist powers. The
population no longer wants Monsieur Ariel Henry, whom he has already rejected because of his incapacity, his insensitivity, his
inhumanity, his treachery and the servility with which he executes, to the detriment of national interests, the disastrous dictates of
the Core Group which flanked him, against the popular will, at the head of our country.

A Government of Transition and consensus to resolve the political crisis. Constitutional Solution.
Haiti has no security problem. Haiti has a leadership problem. It is necessary to seek constitutional, institutional and democratic
solutions to deal with the socio-political instability that the Haitian people are going through in order to guarantee respect for
democracy and the rule of law. The solution to this ongoing political crisis lies in the application of the Haitian constitution of 1987
never amended and a national consensus to form a transitional government. The application of the 1987 Constitution is part of an
approach aimed at guaranteeing a constitutional solution capable of establishing the confidence and support of the population in this
exit, essential and compulsory conditions in order to carry out legal, credible, unbiased, inclusive and legitimate elections.
The legal corpus and the Haitian constitution require a bilateral government. The 1987 Constitution, article 149, provided for a
mechanism for replacing the President of the Republic according to which: “In the event of a vacancy in the Presidency of the
Republic for any reason whatsoever, the President of the Court of Cassation of the Republic or , in his absence, the vice-president of
this Court or in his absence, the senior of the magistrates and so on by order of seniority, is invested provisionally with the function of
President of the Republic […]”; The Court of Cassation is the highest instance of the judiciary of the Republic of Haiti, the only
democratic institution remaining today. The country has had precedents and positive experiences with the Court of Cassation in the
past, particularly through President Ertha Pascale Trouillot in 1990 and President Boniface Alexandre in 2004 who organized credible
elections in the country that confronted similar political crises. No solution is possible through agreements and consensus that are not
inclusive, legal or constitutional.

Adequate support for security forces – Police Nationale d’Haiti – PNH
The country’s security problems can only be solved with a strong commitment from the leadership of the National Police of Haiti
supported by a legitimately trustworthy government. The country’s security forces need funding, equipment and adequate armament.
In addition, police reform is needed to purge the institution of corrupt agents who have collusion with gangs. The PNH also urgently
needs bilateral training, increased personnel, confidence building, a large increase in police, technical and logistical assistance to help
eradicate gangs and maintain peace and security in the country. .
Ambassador, police officers in Haiti have gone months without pay while the government stands ready to receive an intervention
force that will cost $200 to $400 million US.

Compliance with Resolution 2653 (2022) adopted in October 2022 by the Security Council on arms trafficking to Haiti.
It is imperative that every nation demonstrate real commitment and determination to combat gangs in Haiti. This commitment
begins with stopping the illegal trafficking and diversion of firearms into Haiti, especially from the United States. This sanctions
regime would be more effective if it were respected and fully implemented by all the countries involved, by also applying the
seizure of the assets and property of those who have been sanctioned by the United States and Canada as prescribed by the

Thanking you in advance for your attention to this letter, we signatories, please accept, Mr. Ambassador, the expression of our
highest consideration